What energetic emission are you sending out?

During this course, we are going to explore the facets of our energy field as we delve deeper into the chakras. Learn more about our energy transformers and how to keep them cleared and balanced along with suggestions to strengthen them. We will become more aware of the radio signal we are emitting with our thoughts, words and actions, so that we can create our own experiences consciously. Tips and tools to practice good energetic hygiene will be provided. In addition, we will explore the energy of food, color and love.

There are no time limits or restrictions in this course, and I encourage you to spend as much time as necessary on each section and then revisit any sections as you are guided to do so. Once you have completed the course, I will invite you to join me for a live group session via Zoom. These live group sessions will be offered monthly. I will be available to answer any questions you may have during these live sessions.

Setting an Intention for this Course

Cards of Empowerment Message

Learning Opportunity ~ New Knowledge

Spirit is acknowledging a learning opportunity and recognizing that you are attaining new knowledge. Remember that each experience and encounter with another provides an opportunity to learn and to grow. This message may also indicate taking a class, reading a book or learning a new skill or modality. 

Clarity Cards Message

Magic is the Power to Create

Spirit is recognizing that magic is the power to create. Remind yourself that you have the ability and power to create the life you desire. The power of choice involves invoking the energy of words through clear, honest communication. In turn, we can use this same power to create consciously, and it begins with setting intentions.

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